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02 Purpose: Digital

02 Purpose: Digital

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Issue No. 2 is themed around the topic of "Purpose."

When God created you, he breathed purpose within you. This special treatment isn’t reserved for some, but given to all. The beauty of it all? We are all uniquely designed. No two designs are exactly alike. Your personality, your passions, your gifts and talents, your geographical location, your age, your season of life; all that constitutes who you are is intentional. And when we live and move harmoniously with our creator, these things come alive in the way they were originally created. It’s absolutely breath-taking and beautiful.



  • Issue No. 2 Magazine Download  (95 pages)
  • Does not include a Dwell Journal.


  • For easy reading, you will receive two viewing options: single and spreads. 
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    Cover Photography | Kayla Von Der Heide